Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Walking on Sunshine!

Only 37 days until we leave for Ghana!!!

Last Saturday we had our last all- cooperant training session. Throughout the year we had several all cooperant meetings and training sessions where we would discuss our projects, the goals of QPID, and engage in many discussions that allowed us to share our ideas of development and what we all hope to learn from volunteering at our host organizations. These meetings also always managed to incorporate our favourite icebreaker game- Ninjas!!

There are a fantastic group of cooperants this year and it has been a pleasure to meet everyone and work together throughout the year to prepare for our summer projects!

Team Ghana hopes everyone has a fantastic summer! Good luck to all of the cooperants and site directors with your projects at your host organizations!
Also, a huge thanks to all of our sponsors and to our project directors Kira & Hoda for all of their time and hardwork this year!
Medaase! (Thank you!)

Cooperants & Site Directors for QPID's 2011 Summer Projects!

Back row (left to right) - Chloe [Botswana], Faisal [Botswana], Heather [Ghana], & Robin [Ghana]

Middle row (left to right)- Davina [Site director Ghana], Sara [Ghana], Isabelle [Botswana], Caroline [Ghana], Lyndsay [Botswana], Kira [QPID Summer Director], & Thomas [Site director Botswana]

Front row (left to right)- Peter [Nunavut] & Steph [Nunavut]