Saturday, April 30, 2011



Forty days until we start our project in Ghana! We arrive in Accra on June 9th, and will be staying until August 28th. We're very excited, and have been doing lots of prep for the trip and for our internships, including learning some Twi phrases, which is the prominent native language in Ghana. "Maadwo" means "Good evening."

Some introductions:
Davina is our fabulous site director. She is a 4th year Life Science student. She will be evaluating and monitoring the projects, helping to get us settled it, and doing Project ID.

Robin, a 4th year Film student, and Heather, a 4th year Engineering Physics student, are going to Accra and working for the Kumasi Institute for Technology and Environment (KITE) on a rural internet project. Here is their website.

Sara, a 3rd year Nursing student, and Caroline, a 2nd year Global Development Studies student, are going to Takoradi and working for Friends of the Nations on a sustainable fishery project. Here is their website.

As you can see, both Accra and Takoradi are on the coastline of Ghana, so we're really looking forward to being on the ocean!

That's all for now. All of us will be contributing to this blog, and are looking forward to sharing our experiences at our placements and on our travels with all our readers.

If you're interested in learning more about QPID, you can find our website here.

Team Ghana